Aba, 40 grados, Valle de Elqui, Pisco

Aba, 40 grados, Valle de Elqui, Pisco

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Fuegos, Aba 40°, Pisco

Pisco is a great drink. Take it as a sour or in a cocktail and you’ll see what all the fuss is about. When neat, a good pisco is smooth, soft, even “suave” and as a cocktail base its versatility gives more popular spirits a real run for their money. It makes an excellent drink for barbecues and parties. Drink pisco with cola, ginger ale or even with martini.

Pisco ABA is produced with the best Muscat grapes from a privileged area in the magical Elqui Valley. Grapes are first vinified and then carefully distilled in small traditional stills to produce a clear, crystal eau-de-vie, infused with the softness and fragrance of the Muscat grapes, all in 40º alcohol strength.

Pisco ABA, a family-owned, third-generation producer of Pisco, has won the highest praise from some of the industry’s best know critics. Dave Broom, writing in the February 2002 edition of Wine Magazine says “very fragrant, all jasmine flowers, tangerine and honey… The palate is soft, silky and as sweet as syrup with the flavours of orange blossom honey…a Great Value.”

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